week fifty-one

One major thing I’ve unlearned as an adult is that the career path you take after high school or college commencement does not have to be the only path. Yes, for some that path is very neat and clear and they do that one thing forever. But for the rest of us? It’s a no, dawg.

Thinking back to hs and college commencement—how young and clueless we all were—making a decision on what to do for an entire lifetime is some heavy stuff! And at the average age of graduation, we’re still figuring out our adult minds and bodies and freedoms, so such a big decision is unfair and unnecessary.

An acquaintance recently shared that she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life and she should know by now. Uhmm, says who? To that, I said just do. Do something—ANYthing that can better you and have some positive outcome; for the time being, that could simply be volunteering or learning a trade, but it’s better than thumb twiddling. Anything is better than thumb twiddling.

Looking around, you may think everyone knows what they’re doing and that they take each step steadily and surely. WRONG. I believe many are good at things they don’t love but stay because “security” and appearances. Others doubt that they can make it if they shift gears …so why even try? Some refuse to manage their time to make space for those creative endeavors or side hustles. And the rest of us are going for it (“it” being that doing of the thing) and making it look fun. (The creative freedom part is fun, yes. But it’s still work! But that’s a whole other post..)

It starts with getting out of your own way. Think of what you want. (Think hard, y’all.) And be specific! What realistic steps can you take to get it?! What part(s) do/can you already do? Where along the way could you use some guidance?

Employer or employee? Get you a girl that can do both. A big misconception is that you can’t possibly work for anyone else if you own a business or freelance. Put that nonsense in the bin! If you can balance your time without burnout, there is no reason to quit a good job or go part-time to dabble in something else of great interest. And a good job, BTW, will be flexible, understanding and encouraging if your endeavors outside of your position don’t interfere with your performance. Plus, you can use those regular paychecks and experiences to support your extracurricular goals. Win win win win!

Lastly, stop looking at other people’s lives; life is not a compare and contrast essay, y’all. Social media is basically CGI. Age and circumstance don’t matter either.. unless you make it matter. I promise that no matter how educated or smiley or vegan he or she is, no one has it all together. No one.

If you’re looking to make a change, step aside and allow yourself to walk that new, uncomfortable path. Now is a good time to start applying the pressure; by the time 2020 comes around, your doable plan will be in place and there will be no excuses.


What is stopping you?



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