Constant Contact

Unpopular opinion:
No one needs to text you and
tell you they are busy and will
respond later. If they don’t
respond they are busy. People
are not required to be
constantly available to you or
you to them. Even your
significant other. Learn to give
people space.” -unknown

I blame everything on the internet. Like hungry babies, I think the constant “contact” of social media and instant gratification of next day Prime shipping has cut patience way way down.

Is it just me? What is space anymore?

21 thoughts on “Constant Contact

  1. We bought our house and my husband had a great idea. Since we dont use the dining room it is now the tv room. He can blast it all he wants&keep it dark. I have the living room. Sunny,open. Blues and teals(no drab colors)No tv in here but sterio and dogs. This is space๐Ÿ˜

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  2. Definitely not just you. They think these phones are mandatory response units. Then want to have nervous breakdowns and blame you for their lack of self attention and love. Not to mention all the other issues that make said individual okay with sitting with themselves for a minute or two.

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  3. There’s space and then there’s flat out being ignored, but yes . . . I think the internet and many social media platforms and online entities has made it hard for people to be patient or even realize what patience is. I am a big lover of space and I bring that fact to the forefront. Lol.

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  4. Patience and space are missing. Though I love my next day Prime delivery (etc), I remember the joy of waiting anxiously for the postman to deliver a package to me or ordering books through the teacher at school and looking forward to when they would arrive. The good old days non-instant gratification ๐Ÿ˜

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  5. That level of entitlement gives me nausea. I understand being worried. But sometimes it gets warped and becomes being possessive.

    I have many opinions on this. We can discuss further in detail once you have the time.

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