Blogging Challenge Day 3: Earliest Memory

Believe it or not, I remember my third birthday. There was a backyard gathering with a lot of noise and many familiar faces. Maybe some music? Then out came the cake! I think my babysitter brought it out and I was in awe! I don’t remember any candles, but I do remember clapping and singing and then, all of a sudden, I open my eyes to a ruined cake! I looked around and everyone was laughing; I think I was more confused by what’d happened than angry. I mean, HOW did my beautiful cake get ruined?! And WHY?! My grandma said I was a sweet baby, but I had attitude and would look everyone up and down before letting them hold me; I’m pretty sure I was giving that same attitude after the cake face smash.

What’s your earliest memory? I hear some people can remember being in the womb!

11 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 3: Earliest Memory

  1. Funny story! I think my earliest memory was falling into a pool at a campground around 3 or 4 years old. You know how the ripples of water reflect on the bottom of the pool when you are underwater? I feeling calm and remember admiring those squiggly lines right before my oldest brother fished me out – I didn’t know how to swim.

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