Blogging Challenge Day 5: What Do You Collect?

I worked with an older woman some years back and I don’t know how we got on the highly controversial subject of house plants, but I remember telling her all of mine were fake. (What can you expect from someone who I grew up dusting her mom’s fake ficus trees?!) Her response in borderline shock and total disgust: “WHY, honey? They look so cheap and you are not cheap.” I took that as a compliment and proceeded to discard all of my plastic greenery and replaced them with the real deal; I had hot pink flowers to match my hot pink sofa and love seat, y’all. I really thought I was doing something! Now I collect plant plants.

I don’t know how many plants I have; I guess enough to brag 🙂 There is no such thing as too many! I’ve probably murdered more than I currently own, but you live and learn and learn and learn and live to kill again. I also collect artwork and secondhand books, but I get great pleasure from caring for a living thing in my home that isn’t a person or pet. Plus, there are so many benefits of indoor plants, from air purification to space beautification.

Are you a plant mama or papa? Are you into the convincing counterfeits? (No judgment here!) Or are you one of the few that do both?


18 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 5: What Do You Collect?

  1. I collect books. Not the “valuble,highly prized”kind,but books I like.As a kid we shared a few picture books and read tons of library books. Now I can have books. And 2nd hand are wonderful. Good shape,inexpensive.I tell friends I have books everywhere like an alcoholic keeps bottles!

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      1. I like underlined some too. Always had used Bibles. Always felt something may be underlined by former owner or maybe God underlined something to get my attention.

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  2. I kill houseplants but I love taking care of my veggies outside. It didn’t happen this year but I used to look forward to getting up early to water whatever I was growing outside before the sun was up (and so the neighbors couldn’t report me for watering on our non-assigned day). Actually I do have some fake plants – Brown-eyed susans outside on my deck to make it pretty. 🙂

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      1. In the ground = rhubarb, squash, pumpkin tomatos, garlic
        In containers =kale, cherry tomatos, jalapeños, banana peppers, cucumbers, pole beans. Squirrels are my problem with the containers but I’m learning to outsmart them, except one little bugger who is persistent. 😁

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        1. OH sweet! That’s a lot of good stuff! I definitely want to get into gardening when I have the space. My area has deer, foxes, raccoons, squirrels and every bug in the world, so I am gonna have to wait on it. I’ll be coming to you for tips!

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  3. I do not have a green thumb. I’ve tried to be good to plants, they just never make it in my care. I’ve got 3 fake ones, though. And I guess, I collect books as well and journals.

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    1. I recommend succulents to anyone who really wants to have house plants. They don’t need much attention.
      And I’ve always discarded journals a year or two after I fill them up. But I like the idea of keeping them instead. We’ll see.

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