Blogging Challenge Day 6: My Spirit Animal

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I’ve been the tall girl since I could remember and still get clowned for it. Still! Like the giraffe, I guess I’m the tallest mammal on Earth that some humans have ever encountered. But also like the giraffe, I had no choice but to embrace my height and all the stares and awkwardness that accompanied it. There are also some cool benefits to being tall and standing out in a good way:

  1. I can see further into a crowd and beyond…like, down the block…
  2. My mom is one inch shorter than me and we’ve never lost each other in the store or said crowds. Never!
  3. I can help strangers in the market (where I do not work, btw) get items from the upper shelves.
  4. As a kid, peers thought I was older and stronger than I was and kinda left me alone; I’ve been confronted about liking some boy, some boy liking me and threatened to get “whooped”, but I never got myself caught up in a physical confrontation. (Have you seen giraffes fight?! My gawd😳)
  5. My height and leg length helped me win some track meets and get modeling gigs.
  6. Being teased my entire life for something I just am has thickened my skin. It’s also softened my heart to others that feel and look awkward (or just different) in their bodies. At a young age, I made it a point to never make fun of anyone for something they couldn’t change. (Except my nephew; he’s like a toothpick with hair. I’ll stop when he gets sensitive about it 🙂

Luckily I don’t have that weird chew or wormy tongue of a giraffe! Do you have a spirit animal?

15 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 6: My Spirit Animal

  1. I wanted to be tall. At least I’m average. Still have hemmed up a lot of pants. My husband is tall and it amazed me how people would challenge him. Just outta the blue?

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  2. I definitely relate to this being tall myself especially helping out people at grocery stores to reach things in the upper shelves. More often than not, it always happens to be in the back of said shelves. Haha!

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  3. Zebra. More of a clan totem than anything.

    Naturally enigmatic without the intent to be that way. Like, is a zebra white with black stripes or is it black with white stripes. Thats the beauty of it 😹

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      1. In my country, every surname is attached to a clan totem. Thats how we know our distant relatives who may have branched off and done their own thing before we got colonized and stuff.

        Clans got their totems from their region chief. This is basically a culture from long ago that my grand parents passed on to my parents. I plan to keep it going. If you’ve noticed, one of the headers on my blog is a zebra 🙂

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  4. #6 is touching. My spirit animal seems to change according to the where I am in life. Through my younger years it was the wolf, to which I still have an affinity for but now I’ve noticed a shift towards the rabbit and fox; cunning and witty creatures known for being a bit of a trickster. They tend to either cross my path when I’m out on nature trails or pop up in my dreams. The last time I dreamt of a wolf it was devouring me. I think this was Nature’s way of telling me I needed to shift from an aggressive approach to life, which was eating me alive, to a softer, shrewder and wiser way of living.

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