Blogging Challenge Day 7: Favorite Quote

Mind your own, you live long. – Jayo Felony

In this current climate, many would benefit from endorsing this philosophy. Of course we should help others when we can and stand up for injustices in our own way (if we want to), but when our outrage and pain and disappointment are weaponized, we could benefit from questioning the timing and asking why instead of just adopting said trending emotions. It’s dangerous to be in a constant state of emotional tug-of-war.

The way I apply this quote to life is focus on yourself and mind your own business, Kellz. I find that when I practice both, I am less stressed because I’m not trying to remedy all the world’s problems. And I relinquish my need to control because folks can and do figure things out on their own when they have to! Sometimes it’s best to just listen and observe, not try to fix.

I can be aware of everything without internalizing anything. I empathize without my afternoon being ruined. I can recognize when occurrences are orchestrated with the exact purpose to evoke ________; if I do become _______, I acknowledge it and ask myself Does this truly matter? What can I do? Why is this affecting me? Is this real life?

Or just release by journaling, having a conversation, refocusing on my peace and getting on with my day. Otherwise, I’d be a pretty sullen and unpredictable jerk. And I think we have enough of those.

Do you have a favorite quote or philosophy?

10 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 7: Favorite Quote

  1. Had a problem at work once. Was telling a waitress friend and she said,”in 3 weeks no one will remember it”. This was near 40(!)yrs ago. I still apply the 3week test to my worries. If they would most likely be forgotten in that time I dont think about them.

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  2. Love philosophy Kelley.

    I have two quotes I love very much. And if you were to ask me in person if I said this I would deny lol they are at the core of my values and I’m only sharing cause no-one I know in real life will see this.

    “Don’t take on more than you are due”


    “Don’t try”

    The first quote keeps me centered. I am not the main character of the universe. I must always stay responsible for my actions this if I take on more than I can chew, its not the world’s fault. Its mine.

    The second, really is what it is. The universe is irrational. I wont do anything without making a conscious decision of it first. That way, I wont feel like I’m taking on more than I should.

    To give you an example (sorry if this is too long) I was in a long distance relationship that eventually went sour. Now I had two choices, stick it out and hope it improves with time or state my case and risk the relationship breaking apart. I chose the second. And of-course the relationship fell apart, I had done my best the previous months to mend what she called a fading “spark” and was at my limit. Doing more past that would have been closer to servitude. So I made my case, that if she feels the spark is gone she should perhaps find someone with who she can get that spark with again (because clearly to her it was all about this spark). She was against my decision, but we still drifted despite her saying we should keep “trying”. I didn’t have to “try” more than I had already been. I was simply myself, like I was from the beginning. But I had to accept that what I had to offer, just wasn’t enough for her. Its not my fault or hers. Just differing preferences ⭐️

    And uh, thats the end of my TEDtalk ya’llz lol

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