Blogging Challenge Day 8: Favorite TV Show

I’m currently catching up on the third season of Yellowstone. I’ve found that I prefer series that are dramatic yet realistic and give a glimpse into worlds that I’m clueless about. I liken Yellowstone to a modern day cowboys versus Indians western with a tinge of dark humor and romance. Breaking Bad and Ozark are two of my other favorites that I’ll probably never get tired of watching.

What about you? Do you have a current favorite show or recommendation?

15 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 8: Favorite TV Show

      1. Excellent!! 🙂 Then, if Netflix still has it, you can add El Ministerio del Tiempo (or better still, watch it in Spanish, if you speak it, or learn it, if not! 🙂 Best show of all time, the first two seasons, at least!)

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          1. Oh, my greatest pleasure is creating more Ministeric@s!! 🙂 Though I admit that the first two seasons are far and away the best! I’ll have to dig up my posts: duh: I have an ElMinisterioDelTiempo tag!!

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