Blogging Challenge Day 9: Something You Miss

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I actually texted a lot of people this week that I miss – from family in California dealing with the fires to friends that I used to see A LOT before Rona Lockdown 2020 😢 So I guess I miss peopling. I miss traveling freely. I miss random calls to meet for brunch or late night tapas. I miss art shows, concerts and girls’ night in/out. I miss shopping without a mask. I miss having plans. I miss face-to-face socializing. I miss hugs.

What do you miss?

11 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 9: Something You Miss

      1. Oh yeah. In my hometown poorer people lived closer to the beach(not on it).last time I went back the area was built up and our friends had moved away. Very few high school friends still live there:_(

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  1. I too miss shopping without a mask. I miss NOT worrying about bringing home germs to my folks every time I visit with their weekly groceries. I miss traveling to San Juan this year. I miss…so many things but trying to look at the positive side.

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  2. I miss seeing my amazing friends in person and giving them hugs. I miss going to the movies, I definitely won’t be doing that anytime soon. I miss going to museums and appreciating art. Although those are opened, I’m not interesting in being in any hotspots right now. I’m grateful that we are are still healthy and have other things with which to fill our lives. I will choose to be appreciative of what I do have until I can return to other routines.

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    1. Shamica!!! I miss all of that too, girl! Really truly miss hugging you all! Focusing on the freedoms you still enjoy is very helpful.

      Are you still away from home? I STILL have some things to send you! DM or text me PLEASE (my phone fell in the ocean and I lost #s)


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