Blogging Challenge Day 10: Dream Travel Destination

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I just read that Tanzania reopened its borders to international tourists! Is this a sign? I’ll take it as one and look up flights when I’m done with this post.

Tanzania has been on my list for some years now. And I could use a beach and a tropical breeze right about YESTERDAY, couldn’t you? I remember seeing a photo of a beautiful beach resort and falling. Hard! (Hit the link and book it for me! My birthday’s coming up!) The water of Zanzibar, Tanzania’s gorgeous little island, is so clear with sand like sugar. How perfect would it be to sit there on the beach halfway in the water, eat a bowl of fruit and take a nap and wake up and eat then nap and wake up and do nothing some more?!

Where’s somewhere you’d like to travel? Have you traveled during coronatime?

14 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 10: Dream Travel Destination

  1. Before covid-19 hit I had three trips planned. In April I was supposed to celebrate spring break in Vegas. In July I had a sweet little airbnb waiting for me in virginia beach. Last, but not least November 20, 2020 I had a cruise book. Every trip is rescheduled until 2021. Jan going to Vegas 🎉

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  2. You will simply love Tanzania, from the warm waters of Zanzibar (, to the vibrancy of Dar Es Salaam (, or the administrative side of Dodoma (, and of course the majestic tallest mountain of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro or the amazing Serengeti with its wildlife… there is so much to do, and you will love it. or the UNESCO world heritage site of Kilwa Kisiwani which was the site of a great medieval thriving sultanate.
    Your heart will definitely be filled to the brim with joy.

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