Blogging Challenge Day 11: Five Favorite Songs

  1. Get Through This Aaron Taylor

2. Love Bizarre Sheila E

3. Hey We Are KING

4. Hold On The Internet

5. Outstanding The GAP Band

This list was really hard, y’all! Music is just one of those things! I have so many more favorites, but I’d be typing that list for years. I asked my sister what my favorite songs are and she knew a couple straight away; if she attempts to talk to me in the car when my song is on, I’ll play it on loop until she lets me listen to the ENTIRE SONG and sing along with ZERO interruptions 😏

Do you have any favorite tunes? Do you prefer your old school playlists over seeking out new music?

13 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 11: Five Favorite Songs

  1. Un Bel Dei-Madame Butterfly-Puccini
    One Tin Soldjer-?
    No More Pain-Mary Blige
    Pancho and Lefty-Merle Haggard&Willie Nelson(makes me cry…?)
    Anything by Heart&Jefferson Airplane/Starship
    O’Come,O’Come Emmanuel(another tearjerker)

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  2. So many to name and I listed some on one of my previous posts.
    Off the top of my head since I just finished listened to these…
    “Love Ballad = LTD
    “Yes I’m Ready” = Jeffrey Osbourne
    “Slow Jams” – Quincy Jones featuring Tamia, Babyface, Barry White, SWV
    “Love Shoulda Brought You Home Last Night” – Toni Braxton
    “Trainwreck” – Elliott Yamin (I love the lyrics)

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