Blogging Challenge Day 12: Your Zodiac Sign + Does It Fit Your Personality?

According to Cosmopolitan, Capricorns are ambitious, realistic, sensitive, practical, disciplined, pessimistic, dry and uptight.

Sounds about right.

Following my big sister’s lead, I used to soak up my horoscope in high school and college, but later realized that many other people I encountered whose birth dates fall under different signs possess my same, Capricorn-specific qualities and I theirs.

As an Earth sign, I have had great friendships and relationships with other Earth signs… and non-Earth signs. Capricorns are known for their steadfastness and love of money and success, but I’ve met Libras and Scorpios and Aquarians that move in an identical fashion.

I am not saying there is zero truth behind the zodiac calendar; it’s been around forever. But like many ancient texts, the folks that created it are no longer around to explain it so humans continue to interpret it as they will. I view the article I shared from The Cosmos as a form of entertainment because it is hilariously true for me, but very generalized, commercialized and watered down. I have found a lot of truth in my life path number and, although I have yet to try it out, I do believe a birth chart report would be much more personal and revealing.

WHAT’S YOUR ZODIAC SIGN?! *in my Fatman Scoop voice* Do you think it describes who you are?

9 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 12: Your Zodiac Sign + Does It Fit Your Personality?

  1. I’m a Gemini but I was born on a cusp so I have some personality traits of a Taurus. I find that whenever I do read horoscopes I have to read both Taurus and Gemini to have a more complete view of my personality.

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