Blogging Challenge Day 15: Worst Habits :(

I hit the snooze button. A LOT. It is getting easier to stay cozy and tucked in now that the sun is rising later and the temps are going down. I know I am missing out on maximizing my day by snoozing in too long, but rest is important, right?!

I love my coffee, tea or cocoa in the morning, but I often skip a chewable breakfast save for an occasional banana or nuts for workout fuel. I heard this is bad.

Since Rona took over, sometimes I will stay in my lounge clothes all day if I’m not leaving home. They are decent enough for a trip to the mailbox, but no further. Sad.

We’re halfway through this challenge already! Wow! I do wonder if I’ll fall back off the Earth once this thang is over…………………? Do you have any bad habits you’re not too ashamed to share? Are you looking to reverse them or have you accepted them as part of your being?

10 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 15: Worst Habits :(

  1. Snooze button = yes, especially during the winter. Too much coffee. Not enough self-care and putting each other first. Late night eating when the noise dies down and I can almost hear myself think again… 🙂

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    1. What is that lil smile at the end?!

      Continuous acts of self-care or keeping a self-care schedule can be so hard, especially when starting out. There is a lot to unlearn when you’re used to doing for everyone else.


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