Blogging Challenge Day 18: Guilty Pleasure

I had to visit the DeKalb Farmers Market this week to get my sister a fruit tart for her birthday. She wanted a tart instead of cake and likes fruit tarts from everywhere, but specifically this market… I think 🙂 And of course only the best for her on her day, right? Sure.

Anywho, at this particular dessert counter, they also have the most delicious three by three inch square of moist chocolate heaven; with c’mon-now-girl-keep-it-real eyes, the guy who filled my pastry box kept asking how many? and are you sure? after each addition, like he knew my addiction love for this treat wouldn’t be satisfied with two squares! My guilty pleasure is a chocolate mousse cake with a light light light, pillowy soft cake and frosting from the whipped pudding gods. It almost feels guiltless to eat as chocolate cake can be so dense and rich, but this one is perfectly balanced. I know think I could eat four in one sitting, but I’ve yet to try. But I doubt I’d feel guilty about it. I mean, what is life without living?! I’m just thankful I don’t live close or we’d have a problem.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

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