Blogging Challenge Day 19: What Makes You Happy?

I feel happy most of the time, so I think I just choose to be happy. And I mean g e n u i n e l y happy. I can and do laugh at myself. I love sunlight and rain, beaches and mountain views, good food (like that cake I mentioned!), working out, being lazy and lots and lots and LOTS of laughter with my loved ones.

I do have bad days and negative thoughts. I am not exactly where want to be in life. I wish I were on an island or an Alaskan cruise RIGHT NOW… But my sanity and happiness has remained in tact, even through a pandemic, because I have continued to focus on myself. Amazing things happen when you mind your own and put yourself first. It may sound selfish but your people actually benefit from you pouring from a full cup.

What makes you happy?

17 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 19: What Makes You Happy?

  1. Someday we’re going to bore ourgrandkids to tears with yet another “how I survived the pandemic” story. But it’ll make us smile. In the meantime everyone plan for a huge party when this is over. Like St.Patrick’s Cinco de Mayo Independence day celebration

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  2. I love the little things in life: Jernee (my dog), my best friend, my close friends & family, writing, editing, reading a good book, cooking, food, a cool breeze on an Autumn day, the first snowfall of winter, and living–truly living.

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