Blogging Challenge Day 21: If I Won the Lottery…

I’m going to be really boring and cliché:

If I won the lottery, I’d probably give my mom a nice chunk, place another nicer chunk in a high yield savings account or two. Some would be used to elevate my small business. A portion would buy me a loft in a pretty, walkable neighborhood; I’d decorate it beautifully so I could b + b it while I travel for weeks or months at a time. Some dough would assist movements and non-profits I’m really passionate about. I’d get that camera I mentioned in the last post, upgrade to aluminum luggage and finally get my dream bike. Oh yea, and pay off my debts.

I would just do a whole lot more of what I wanna do much more often. What I’d do exactly would depend on the amount of my winnings, but I mentioned the things that immediately came to my mind.

Have you ever won the lottery? What would you do if you did?

14 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 21: If I Won the Lottery…

  1. I didn’t win the lotto but I did receive a nice inheiritance. I bought a nice&modest home-and paid it off at the same time. Also paid off husband’s truck. It was great.

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  2. I love the B+B idea. I bought my place with a long term plan in mind. I once won 5k from Johnson and Johnson and huge gift baskets with enough products that last so long I ended up giving some away. That money paid all my tuition and books for the 2 years of university!

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  3. 10 percent will go to the church that helped me when I was struggling.
    I will setup trust funds for my three grandchildren
    Take my mom on a few trips
    Settle down in Woodstock New York and continue to write books

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  4. I’m a frugal person so I don’t have much debt but I would pay off all that I owe. I continue living in my home (I like my cozy place) but I would completely renovate the last half of my house, retire early, plan some extended trips, hire a personal trainer and cook from work and buy a new car to replace my 21 year old one. Oh yeah, I would give all of my siblings and close relatives trust funds.

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