Blogging Challenge Day 23: The Best Thing to Happen This Year

I usually give myself a half hour to an hour to draft these posts for the challenge, but today I’m adding an hour because I really have to give this one some thought.




Without getting too personal or too dark, I will say that this pandemic with the isolation from closures, travel restrictions and mandates has exposed a lot of people. I am happy to say that I and my closest loved ones still have our health, incomes and a place to live. And as much as I like peopling, or at least having the safe option to people, I’ve somehow maintained my sanity and ofttimes enjoyed my Kelleytime. Those simple factors may seem minimal, but I know people some folks were already going through it pre-Covid, and this year has only magnified their hardships.

What do you think was the best thing to happen this year?

13 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 23: The Best Thing to Happen This Year

  1. Hmm, hard to answer. I admit, as an INTJ, that I prefer to have my alone time, so the isolation doesn’t bother me. But “best thing” this year? Not… nope, just can’t think of anything, sorry. I hate to say that most of this year has been about showing most of the country, or even the world, what some of us have known for decades, but not really been taken seriously about. That racism is real and still exists, that slavery matters and still affects us, that Black women are disproportionately affected by many leftovers from slavery that are now wrapped up in racism and sexism: so many things hidden in the dark have finally come out into the light, and that had to happen, but it could have been so different. It didn’t have to happen in this way. But at least now, this year, I think, the Djinni finally got out of the bottle. The Djinni is rightfully pissed off.

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  2. Despite the troubles caused by the virus. I am grateful that I didn’t lost any family or friends. I pray for those who have lost love ones.
    Thankful that my income wasn’t effected and I was able to earn over time. I was able to pay off bills and save.

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  3. You are making me think with this one…The first and most semi-frivolous thing I can think of is getting totally comfortable with my natural hair, whether it behaves or it doesn’t. I have gotten sooo comfortable that I sometimes leave the house without looking in the mirror. It may sound odd to others but I’m a Gen Xer who grew up thinking that straightened/relaxed hair was more presentable. Funny thing is that with a little effort and some product, I can get my hair looking just like some of the weaves I’ve done in the past.

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    1. It is funny (in a bad way) what’s taught to be unacceptable at a young age, especially for women. If it’s not our hair, it’s something else!

      Self-acceptance is everything! That is just an amazing, beautiful thing for you to conquer. Good for you! And thank you for sharing❤︎

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    1. I get it. I know some other moms that would have it easier if they could raise their children without the confusion and in-n-out co-parenting style of the children’s father.
      Glad you two are well ❤︎

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