Blogging Challenge Day 24: Pet Peeves

Don’t we all have a slew list of pet peeves? Don’t we all kinda hate when people don’t do as we would? Isn’t it annoying when you witness someone just floating through life on a cloud in a bubble because they don’t have to consider the comfort of others?

I think yes. But to avoid sounding completely unhinged, I’ll use the rule of three tonight:

  1. Talking while chewing and chewing hella loud and smacking. Ew. My mom has the worst habit of this, especially over the phone. It’s like she can’t answer a question without another quick bite! She doesn’t even bother putting the food to one side, you guys. You’d think she’d consider me after all these years of knowing me and my slight misophonia, but nah. Maybe she doesn’t love me…
  2. Inability to apologize. Admission to a wrongdoing is such an admirable, grown up thing to do. I know some will hold lifetime grudges and try to make you “pay” for the dirt they did instead of just saying I’m sorry. That statement can change everything!
  3. Constant complaining. Being a solution-based individual, it is hard for me to listen to complaints for too long, especially the same complaints coming from the same mouth. I can empathize and offer advice or just listen, but when I realize it’s someone’s nature to complain about every dang thing instead of deciding to put that thing down, flip it and reverse it, I avoid that someone by any means.

People just suck sometimes. What is one of your pet peeves?


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