Blogging Challenge Day 30: Challenge Recap

I’m glad it’s over.

The end.

Just kidding! Kinda. In the start, this challenge just felt more obligatory than fun or freeing, two things I think creating should almost always be. I did find a little groove that I hope to keep up with and get back to posting at least once a week. We’ll see. Don’t hold me to it.

I’ve heard that life begets life. It’s true! This challenge helped push me to finally start on two commissioned illustrations I was asked to do MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. I hadn’t really drawn much this year until fall began and I’m hoping I can stick with it as well. I will never again question why a vocal artist releases one album in ten years. I totally get it.

I want to thank Boy Boy and Me, 1timothy412girl, Fasyaulia and MyFictionalWorld for their easily searchable lists of blogging prompts and Marquessa for the inspiration to type SOMETHING.

And of course I thank you, dear reader, for tuning in and engaging.

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