It’s Not That

Although it would be helpful, in a sense, I understand how outlandish it is to think I want you to be more like me.

So I won’t. So I don’t.

But I do ask

at the very least

that you be the person you profess to be.

Or please just shut up about him.

I keep a photo of street art in my phone that reads: “Stop expecting you from other people.” And despite this reminder, I found (and continue to find) that I don’t care for a certain someone because he isn’t more like me or people I admire.

Isn’t that quite the paradox?

I’m all for speaking things into existence and getting in alignment, but c’mon⏤the bark has got to match at least a bit of the bite! But the bite is weak! I just want to shake him, remind him that time waits for no man!

I want him to be more sure of himself. More concise. A better planner. A self-motivated goal getter. An actualizer of his limitless potential.

But no.

He is who he is and if he survives working alongside me and other team members, I’ll have to accept his incessant mediocrity, minimal contributions and a whoooole lotta talk without action. I know he could be great (and I’ve told him so) and I do think he thinks so too, but talk is cheap and eventually becomes worthless with every unrealized syllable.

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