I’m About to Go Off!

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by my graphic designer, super supporter, beautiful and inspiring creator friend Cameia Williams of Go&C: Go Off & Create. Our chat was a sort of addendum to this post where I shared how relinquishing control actually helps me stay in control.

Go Off & Create, LLC is a community of creatives who strive to support and inspire others to feel empowered. We provide connectivity through design work, blogs, podcasts, and more.


Beyond the wordplay and flyness, what I love about GO&C is the topic of creativity being approached as a whole. From the outside looking in, we usually just see the fragmented, shiny end result of years or even lifetimes of hard work, loneliness and sacrifice; the many, many ways social media is filtered can make the processes look real peachy, huh? On this community-oriented platform, the good, the bad and the not so good get equal attention, filter-free; I find this to be refreshing because our stories have not always been narrated by our voices nor expressed in their entirety.

GO&C and other platforms that allow us to freely, safely and confidently share are especially vital for Black women since we are often stretched paper thin, silenced, and expected to be the happy, smiling solider⏤sometimes all self-imposed roles. It’s easy to relate to pain, but we’ve mastered that. Our stories are vast and unique and funny and tumultuous and it’s a pleasure to hear other creatives not only sharing their hiccups, but glorifying their wins and making way for balance and rest.

Cameia Williams, Brand Stylist and Founder of Go Off & Create (GO&C)

If you have the time and desire to support this good thing, please go and see the amazing Cameia and her heartening guests (like ya girl😉 ) on the podcast, visit the GO&C blog and join the community via social. Cameia is also a talented graphic designer if you’re in the market to start or elevate your brand.

I’ve set a goal to go off & share more with you than I did in that year that we won’t mention. How have you gone off lately?


media ©2020 Go Off & Create, LLC. No copyright infringement intended.

8 thoughts on “I’m About to Go Off!

  1. Yup, got that str paper thin, silenced and smile! thing…
    I think I just went off, but I definitely worried when I went off in a post on slavery recently, because my land-lord thinks racism doesn’t exist (despite growing up in a town where I would not have been allowed after dark).

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