A New Blog Post

Attending an Atlanta United game with like half of Georgia’s population and a Hawks game with the other half were two of the last “normal” things I did in 2020. (Looking back……….. ew.) We had NO idea what was coming! Less than a week later, lock downs locked out most of my creative outlets and were replaced with a mild news-watching obsession. But to prevent stir craze, I sought ways to stay out of the house and disconnect from technology. Balance!

Last year, I snatched back a lot of my attention, but still wasn’t inspired to do as much writing, (fictional) reading or general arting as previous years encouraged. I’m sure the reasons are pretty obvious. You were there.

Despite the bleak and often confusing current state of whatever the heck is going on, I’m committed to jump back in the deep end and deliver a post a week, minimum. *Disclaimer tho: things might be a bit sweet and succinct ’round here for a whiiiile. But hey, gotta restart somewhere.

It’s nice to be back. I’m feeling good. How are you?


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