Is Good No Longer Good Enough?

As far as business goes, it seems as if good reviews, good customer service and good products have been replaced by hype and subscriber count. No longer can a good product just sell itself, but its creator must constantly entertain and pass out pieces of themselves for public consumption. Their audience/potential customers may rate them on physical attractiveness and how many likes a post gets to decide if what they’re selling is worth the investment. I’ve seen mediocrity explode because the business owner has certain connections. Sadly I’ve also witnessed great brands drown as they could no longer keep up with the demands of social media, keeping up a physical business and life in general.

What about the businesses that cannot sell online? Sure, they can maintain an online presence, but what they offer cannot be shipped to your door. Because you’re denied that instant “add to cart” or “ready for pick up in 2hrs” gratification, a great brand can so easily and so quickly be forgotten in this ever-changing buy-o-sphere. I think of them and how pandemic mandates could tank their operation or keep them struggling indefinitely.

…digital engagement is intertwining with our physical environments.

Wunderbar Thompson Intelligence

The beauty of social media is that we all have our own tiny stage. It has the power to expose a lot of brands to a lot of people. And even though we can’t all be Beyoncé or LeBron, there is a space for everyone to shine.

What say you? Have you noticed that since a lot of physical spaces we used to enjoy have closed their doors (fully or partially), shoppers are inevitably relying more on digital spaces to decide what they’ll spend their money on? Will we all eventually burn out from digital fatigue and long for the physical shopping experience? Is it a long, indefinite wave we need to ride?


23 thoughts on “Is Good No Longer Good Enough?

  1. We are in it for the long haul Kelley. Pros, cons and all. Especially with that metaverse being announced I see entrenched systems of Big tech and Big Pharma shining more than ever and any aspiring businesses having having a planet-sized hill to climb.

    It’s still possible to thrive in this environment. But it will take far more work now that people are slowly getting accustomed to relying on established brands.

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    1. I think you’re right. Everything you said is what it is and points to where we’re going. And if it’s not gone already, the middle class may have disappeared by the time I finish typing this..

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  2. This right here . . .

    “I’ve seen mediocrity explode because the business owner has certain connections. Sadly I’ve also witnessed great brands drown as they could no longer keep up with the demands of social media, keeping up a physical business and life in general.”

    Same. And it’s frightening to feel this may continue to be the norm. We are not living in the same world we once were.

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  3. The era we live in is definitely changed and it’s content competitive. To your point regular degular selling is no longer enough. So, yes shoppers have started to rely on more digital selling and subconsciously this changes some people. You bring up great points.

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    1. Content competitive is a great term! Thanks Cam! We are definitely exposed to SO much content every time we log in and I dunno how sustainable that is. I guess we’ll see.


  4. I like to read reviews before buying a product or service. I know this post is more than just about reviews. But this is so related to your point. I sometimes don’t trust those reviews. I recently wrote an honest review after an unpleasant experience I had with a company. They emailed me asking me to give a review of my experience after I picked up my order. So, I obliged. I offered even-tempered comments, identifying ways the company could make improvements. I wasn’t mean or hurtful with my comments. I gave constructive criticism. But the company didn’t approve my review, inviting me to call them to discuss it with them. When I looked at the listed reviews on their website, all of them gave positive, glowing customer perspectives with 5 out of 5 stars. That speaks volumes.

    It seems unrealistic for 100% of customers to be thrilled with any company. That isn’t even logical. Not a single one of the reviews expressed unhappiness. I’m sure the company controls what reviews get published. So, if I use reviews to influence my decision to buy a product or service, I steer clear of those with only the top ratings. That’s an example of a company treating consumers like idiots. Most discerning consumers will notice that. Maybe that’s one reason why this particular company has closed many of its stores and has announced more closures to come. Bad management.

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    1. Will, you know you’re right, right? There is NO way a company can give EVERY customer 5-star service EVERY time, and even if they do, some people are petty and will find something to complain about.
      My sister had an experience similar to yours; she ordered a coat online and wrote an honest review. She said she loved the coat but it’s not the coat she found online; the pattern and the description were different from what she received. Her honest review was never posted. Scammers and flimflammers

      Thanks for your comment!

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  5. Oh definitely! Everything is a long, never ending cycle!
    So many things are coming back in the form of “retro”. You can bet after the thrill and easiness of online shopping is replaced by lack of quality and increased prices- people will be looking forward to getting back to stores!

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    1. Dreamgirl, you make a great point! There is a serious lack in customer service too, when you finally get a human on the phone.

      I cannot wait for the “get back”. Thanks for reading and chiming in!

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      1. Yeah.. which is why I find it so simple to complain to the bot and make them call me.
        The waiting music always get me so annoyed!
        Me too.. I’m sure it’ll be back soon, especially because we would have been fed up seeing our screens when all this ends!

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      1. Nope. I don’t find it easy at all! In fact, it’s a bit stressful. I like to try on my shoes. Plus, I’m short and I need try on my clothes most of the time. Have you ever bought I swimsuit online? I have, and it was HIGH anxiety.

        The thing is, and I hope I’m not off topic, online is pushing brick-and-mortar businesses out of business, so even when I try to go in a store or boutique, they’ll tell me to go online.

        Mmmkay…didn’t mean to rant.

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        1. I get it. Completely. I’m tall so if I am unfamiliar with the brand, I don’t know if it’ll be long enough! Then I have to wait to get it and then wait to get a replacement if I have to send it back. It’s all too much! And shoes, omg it is always a gamble.

          And I agree with you! I have seen QR code signs that link you to their online stores if an item is out of stock. Or these apps and sites have exclusive deals and items unavailable in store. It really is sad to see.

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  6. I agree.

    And a sidebar.

    I think… actually I know that the story behind a review can impact a business… because their reputation is the only thing in the realm of their control.

    I’ve penned many a review where the owner has reached out to me directly to ask what they can do for me retract my review – as words will always echo, especially if it is infused with the emotion of a bad experience/trauma.

    Long story short – we choose the other option(s).

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  7. I’ve always checked for reviews before buying into services or products but now more than ever, there seems to be a need for constant online marketing and presence from businesses . Influencer culture and trends amplify this even more

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