move on + do better

I have had this thing that if I knew I did wrong—you know, being human and all—it’d gnaw at me and ruin my sleep. So even when I’ve apologized and/or did everything in my power to rectify a situation, the quiet wee hours of the night’d come and I’d still be replaying the scene with different endings. […]

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on consumption and mindfulness

On my retreat last summer, a fellow attendee (hey Alex!) taught us about mindful eating: Mindful eating (i.e., paying attention to our food, on purpose, moment by moment, without judgment) is an approach to food that focuses on individuals’ sensual awareness of the food and their experience of the food. It has little to do […]

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week fifty-two: There is No Such Thing as Fear – There is Only the Known and Unknown (a repost)

Another piggyback post! Some writers just convey my thoughts better than I can.

Last Wednesday, I spoke on how unlearning some things we were taught and stepping out of your own way can pave a new path; I know some folks will never try because they’re scared—scared of failing. Scared of what others may think. Scared of success. I’m speaking to myself here, too.

 What kind of life are we living if fear pulls the strings? What kind of life awaits if we go after what we want?

Fear is a fragment of the imagination. It’s fictitious and resides in the imaginary binary synapses of the creative, right side of the brain. Fear doesn’t exist, there is only the known and the unknown. The unknown is frightening because we label it as such – how we label a perceived experience is how we […]

Such a truthful read!: There is No Such Thing as Fear – There is Only the Known and Unknown — How to Defeat a Narcissist




P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to those who celebrate! Best wishes for 2020!

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week fifty-one

One major thing I’ve unlearned as an adult is that the career path you take after high school or college commencement does not have to be the only path. Yes, for some that path is very neat and clear and they do that one thing forever. But for the rest of us? It’s a no, […]

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week forty-eight

Things to Remember About Arguing: You are not always right. The point of arguing is not to win. You don’t know everything. It’s ok to stop when you see things escalating. Some people will not get it. Focus on solutions instead of going in circles about the issue. Saying the same thing over and over […]

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