Bringing Africa Home

If you’re like me with big dreams of traveling the Motherland but can’t yet afford it, try the much cheaper route of bringing Africa into your home. It’s easy to do with simple, chic accessories that make a statement without turning your space into a museum. Many of the fabrics used are bright and graphic […]

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Hot in the Kitchen

As summer drags on, so does the heat. That’s not much motivation for cooking an elaborate meal, but cooking and eating  healthy and light goes beyond sandwiches and salads. Since fish has a plethora of nutrients and benefits, tastes magnifico and cooks fairly quickly, it’s been my go to this summer. Broiled, baked, [occasionally fried] […]

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Breathe in. Breathe out.

I’ve always been a fan of indoor and outdoor plants but never had any of my own. I guess I never took the time to learn their different needs and read up on their many benefits. Plus there are soo many pretty choices, where would I start? But I read this little blog post today […]

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