week thirty-four

Just a reminder that good women are good for everyone’s health. Inspire and allow yourself to be inspired. ❤                         (And, of course, great men are necessary too 🙂  

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week nineteen

I love us. So much. I am a cheerleader of many great women (in “real” life and digitally) and truly desire to see us win. If you and your circles are not exchanging love, patience, empathy, ideas, honesty, support, laughter, encouragement and overall beautiful, positive energy, you, my sister, are sitting with the wrong crowd. […]

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week 21

Be mindful of how you treat people. Be mindful of how you handle things. Be mindful of your intentions. Be mindful. -alex elle ❤

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week 48 \\ 2015

You were not created for the entertainment of others. Smile because you’re happy, dance because you’re free, love because your heart is full– Not because you’re expected to be joyful or uplifted for the comfort of outsiders trying to find themselves in you. // alex elle photo cred ❤

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