I could not grieve Las Vegas because I have run out of tears for white death {a reblog}

As always, feel free to comment/discuss here, but please give RaceBaitr some love by liking, subscribing and donating 🖤 By Kejhonti Neloms Flint’s water is just as poisonous to those black children living in that black community as it was 2 years ago when Barack Obama filtered the brown liquid on live television. Your ancestors […]

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lost status

To keep the perception of white superiority, these white Americans tuck their heads under cone-shaped hats and American flags and deny themselves the dignity of face-to-face confrontation, training their guns on the unarmed, the innocent, the scared, on subjects who are running away, exposing their unthreatening backs to bullets. Surely, shooting a fleeing man in […]

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That Backstory

I am jealous of people who know where they come from. Of the “My grandma is from Jamaica like slick straight from Jamaica.” Smooth speech like patois is cocoa butter smooth on your back/ side and “My dad’s family has lived in the south his whole life” That Backstory © Imani Diltz, thoughtsandkeys.com  

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And Do You Belong? I Do

AND DO YOU BELONG? I DO BY SOLANGE KNOWLES | PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 The tone. It’s the same one that says to your friend, “BOY…. go on over there and hand me my bag” at the airport, assuming he’s a porter. It’s the same one that tells you, “m’am, go into that other line over there” when you are checking in at […]

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