week 4

You are amazing. You inspire me and I wish you nothing but success and happiness. -THINKGROWPROSPER – If you’re a reader who drops gems in my comments or I’m subscribed to your blog, I hope you know this. I wouldn’t be subscribed or engage if your words didn’t inspire me to think and maybe understand […]

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baby, bend ovah

I don’t practice yoga often but I do find it very effective [when I apply myself]. It’s difficult! [Although I do find peace + clarity in meditation, I’m more of a runner/cardio/let’s get this over with kinda chick when it comes to staying active.] My sister is pretty into it though, has a mat and […]

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a day at the museum II

More from my lovely visit to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. Enjoy!  {And forgive me; I didn’t get the details of every exhibit/piece I photographed.}

Kaws Down Time
Kaws Ups and Downs

Finally Getting Wings for the 41st Floor






The Coca-Cola Bottle: An Ameircan Icon at 100

I should have made this post a lil earlier! The Gordon Parks Segregation Story was up for viewing thru 21 June. I enjoyed the stories the photographs told-so pure and relatable, like I was there at this time in history. His photography makes you feel. 20150613_163408


This place probably always has cool stuff. So go get High!

1280 Peachtree Street, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30309

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