Black on Black Love

I’m not going to post the link, but that familiar, catchy beat is the same of that cringeworthy Chris Brown song. How people can actually listen to the entire track is beyond me. I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking to myself: no no no no no, self, this could not be a […]

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Because of Them, We Can

I discovered Because of Them, We Can a few years back via social media. I love this brand because it is visually bold and graphic, yet it teaches people-young and not so young-about the important Blacks in history who helped pave the way for many opportunities we have today. And what better way to teach our future Black history than to make them a part of it?


Because of Them is much more than a t-shirt brand or really cute kids playing dress up. Eunique, its founder, is a great inspiration being such a creative entrepreneurial Black woman raising two young princes with her king. She has been well on her way long before I discovered her, but it is just beautiful to see her family and her brand flourish!


Just know that when you purchase from Because of Them, We Can, you are doing much more than buying a poster or calendar or book; you are purchasing a piece of a necessary movement. Left and right, Black history is being whitewashed and erased. We can longer afford to leave it up to television or schooling to teach ourselves or our children the whole, true history of our people.


But hey, don’t get it twisted, you will still look fly in their tees. The backpack is my favorite travel mate. Seeing their designs + campaign made me search and discover the history of lesser known activists like Bayard Rustin, Beulah Mae Donald and Mamie Till. And anything Because of Them, We Can is a learning opportunity and conversation piece.

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A Time Before Crack

I read about this amazing book and its predecessors [as well as its brilliant photojournalist Jamel Shabazz] over the summer while combing the internets for Black men with style. And, doggonit, I just love how I stumble upon things like this. It was meant to be. Of course the wonderful images stopped me in my tracks […]

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a day at the museum II

More from my lovely visit to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. Enjoy!  {And forgive me; I didn’t get the details of every exhibit/piece I photographed.}

Kaws Down Time
Kaws Ups and Downs

Finally Getting Wings for the 41st Floor






The Coca-Cola Bottle: An Ameircan Icon at 100

I should have made this post a lil earlier! The Gordon Parks Segregation Story was up for viewing thru 21 June. I enjoyed the stories the photographs told-so pure and relatable, like I was there at this time in history. His photography makes you feel. 20150613_163408


This place probably always has cool stuff. So go get High!

1280 Peachtree Street, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30309

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