Do not touch us if you have no plans on making this home. I just love this. ❤

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week 05 || 2016: Me + Angela

The Black woman is not being taken seriously and we have the men in the media, entertainment business and ourselves to blame. We as Black women must make the decision to choose how we are seen in the world. -Angela Davis I know I point the finger a lot {for good reason}, but we have […]

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Black on Black Love


There is a beauty in Black relationships that is not discussed nearly enough. We keep allowing exceptions to be seen as our rules. –@BeRealBlack4Me via twitter

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Black Every Friday

I hate to admit that I watched a tiny bit of local news this week. I saw plenty of coverage of the Planned Parenthood “shooter”, the San Bernadino “attacks” and the Chicago protests….. but NOTHING in regards to the case of the inhuman Daniel Holtzclaw. Not a peep. In short, Holtzclaw is/was a POLICE OFFICER […]

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week 49 \\ 2015: Livin’

He does whatever he wants and carelessly spreads his seeds Tumbleweed the way he rolls around bed to bed, town to town as he please But he don’t care, kids here kids there kids everywhere, animalistic breeding is in season He thinks he’s on TOP, he ain’t gonna ever stop…and think to think he has […]

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