dark skin, light skin it don’t matter, we all kin “shady” ©2016 KbW and if this simple sketch was a song: ❤

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Dear Young Black Men

Dear young Black men, Don’t be afraid to shine! Dimming your light just to appeal to others is an insult to self. Be who YOU are. If you’re smart, don’t play dumb just to fit in. If you have a special talent, don’t be afraid to show it off. If you’re considered a nerd, OWN […]

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Stop watching Iyanla and watch this: I mean we all know why these conversations go unheard, right? Why homosexuality and interracial dating, marriage and procreation are being perpetuated as a trend/the new norm. Any Black person who doesn’t know, love nor appreciate who they are – regardless of age – will fall victim to the psychological […]

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