Blogging Challenge Day 17: 20 Facts

I’m left-handed and always immediately notice when someone else is too. In private school, I was forced to write with my right hand. In my 6th grade English class, I shared my first name with five other Kellies! I’m allergic to chicken (and bs). My main hobbies as an adult are the same as when […]

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30 Day Blogging Challenge

Unlike these social media “challenges,” blogging for 30 consecutive days will be an actual challenge for me. And I am so looking forward to it 🙂 Coronatime has allowed me to catch up on reading some of your amazing shares and I was inspired by Marquessa, one of my favorites (you’re all my favorites, btw!), […]

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week forty-two

With just ten weeks left until 2020, I’m taking some time to decide what new practices I want to implement and what I’d like to continue—in blogging and in life. And if you’re into resolutions, now is a good time to start—you know, just to see if they’re tangible goals or if you’re all talk! […]

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