week 49: Where do you stand?


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greens not so vibrant time knows when to let things die season changed… like us autumn © 2017 KB Wright

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new package, same great taste

Peace family! As you can read, I changed my domain name. (Thanks for the help, Cliff!) Some of you may remember me mentioning that graysuede was not my first choice for the blog title, but my other options were either taken or too expensive-so graysuede it was for over five years. Since 2016, I wanted […]

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week 3 \\ 2015

I read this awesome quote the other day that really resonated with me. It went something like: If you’re gonna get paid and still be broke, why not get paid to do something you LOVE and be broke?? I mean if you’re gonna be broke anyway. I think this makes perfect sense. Just some food […]

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