to the Black Man

BLACK MAN You were never meant to be a savage or a thug; that mentality was taught to you by white men who despise your masculinity. You are a god by nature. You are strong and moral by nature. You are kind, respectable, and merciful by nature. You are a product of peace and righteousness. […]

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Microaggression- a repost

As always, we can discuss here, but please show Kiara some love on her original post. ❤ Microaggression That thing that is a thing That really isn’t a thing It’s real in a scholarly article or In a library database But the minute the word leaves my lips To describe how I live It’s fake Unreasonable […]

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racist commandments

Be a quiet racist, you don’t make enough money to irritate the minorities and interrupt my systemic capitalism. Be a good racist, gloat about how much you helped the homeless black man and neglect to tell the public how many times you called him a poor nigger on your way home. Be a devout racist, […]

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