…the only difference between us is where in this world our ancestors got dropped off. ❤

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why is it always about race? : a gist

Why is it always about race?? she asks with feigned innocence. Again. My eye twitches. I give a half smirk, half scowl and search the ceiling for answers and strength. God? Forgive me as I wet my full lips to prepare to drop this informational bomb: Have you heard A Seat at the Table? The […]

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Microaggression- a repost

As always, we can discuss here, but please show Kiara some love on her original post. ❤ Microaggression That thing that is a thing That really isn’t a thing It’s real in a scholarly article or In a library database But the minute the word leaves my lips To describe how I live It’s fake Unreasonable […]

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And Do You Belong? I Do

AND DO YOU BELONG? I DO BY SOLANGE KNOWLES | PUBLISHED: SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 The tone. It’s the same one that says to your friend, “BOY…. go on over there and hand me my bag” at the airport, assuming he’s a porter. It’s the same one that tells you, “m’am, go into that other line over there” when you are checking in at […]

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