sweater weather

Forever 21’s (sweater) sale = gifts to self 😀 What I bought and will rock: Chartreuse is such a lovely bright and is a great alternative to the commonplace grays and black worn in the winter. (It looks great paired with a black or gray bottom though!) Y’all know gray is my favorite! Not only […]

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Summer Lovin: Canvas Sneakers

It’s that time of year again, ladies: sunlight cookin your skin, you start hoarding water bottles everywhere and you’re in the gym a little longer to try and look your best when you get invited to that pool party. Yep, time to adjust our wardrobes and thermostats to match the rising temperatures. Whether it be shorter dresses, cutoff […]

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Toast It Up!

Baby, it’s cold outside. I see some people braving the elements with flip flops and shorts, but I’ve created a small shopping guide of adorable and affordable cold weather accessories for the rest of us who are freezing! shop: Forever21 shop: Old Navy shop: Forever21 shop: Madewell shop: Madewell shop: GAP shop: Forever21 shop: H&M […]

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Holiday Sparkle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! What better way to show your holiday spirit than rocking a shimmery frock that resembles the twinkle of the lights across the city? Sequins add that touch or overall spark that, paired with a confident smile, can light up a room. shop: Bodycon Dress shop: Bodycon Dress […]

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Sweat Her Dress

How lucky are women? Well, in general, we put up with a loooooot-our bodies withstand a lot of stress and “changes,” and we get the short end in a number of situations. But, on the bright, fashionable side, we are the only ones that can put on one piece of clothing, add some kicks and […]

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