week nineteen

I love us. So much. I am a cheerleader of many great women (in “real” life and digitally) and truly desire to see us win. If you and your circles are not exchanging love, patience, empathy, ideas, honesty, support, laughter, encouragement and overall beautiful, positive energy, you, my sister, are sitting with the wrong crowd. […]

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week 19|2017: Eureka!

Firstly, please check out Tremaine’s blog, simplesoulsister.com; she has the amazing knack to pack a punch in so few words that often resonate with me. Thank you, Tremaine. When we are truthful with ourselves about our selves, we hurt people less. -“Eureka!”by Tremaine L. Loadholt If you’ve ever read my blog, you probably know how I […]

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week 12|2017

We can’t make people happy; we can only encourage happiness to be a part of their diet. Until they can take that step with themselves, nothing will matter; it’ll all feel like tires in the mud. And every move will feel muted, every accomplishment will seem to be on a path they wish they’d found […]

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week 3|2017

You are beautiful, but is that all to you? What does your heart look like? How do you treat people? What lies within your soul? You are beautiful, but aren’t we all? What is there to you besides your beauty? –Karen Owusu photo ©Aea Baba  

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