hidden gem: Gwen Bunn

Sigh.. I’m such a fan. I just adore Gwen‘s lovely, ethereal vocals and sweet melodies. Such a talented little lady who produces + writes most [if not ALL?] of her music. And produces for other artists too! She’s hot fire. Gwen, please please bless us with another album! Me love you long time! Support this […]

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Black on Black Love

I discovered ScienZe a couple years back by way of this video. I love the lyrics, the beats, + the vibes. It’s always refreshing to see us in love- Black women being loved up on instead of arguing, bent over and half naked, posing as the other woman, being violent or mistreated. And there’s nothing […]

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hidden gem: KING

Beyoncé drops nine albums a year.. meanwhile I can’t get another single from KING. [No shade! I just wanna hear more!] Their sound is just ethereal and fresh-yet infused with nods to the more soulful, old school r&b. The sisters of KING are so beautiful and super talented, producing and playing instruments as well as harmonizing their […]

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