week 48 \\ 2015

You were not created for the entertainment of others. Smile because you’re happy, dance because you’re free, love because your heart is full– Not because you’re expected to be joyful or uplifted for the comfort of outsiders trying to find themselves in you. // alex elle photo cred ❤

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week 38 \\ 2015

{click to enlarge} Artists of all realms -graphic designers, interior decorators, photographers, chefs, illustrators, fashion stylists, etc- live in our own world. Many people just aren’t going to get it. Ever. And that’s ok. Don’t let it discourage or hinder your [untapped] greatness. ❤

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week 33 \\ 2015

We should all benefit from relationships. You learn. You grow. You laugh. You teach. You love. You venture, you enjoy each other’s company. These are all wonderful, beautiful, essential things and, imo, are how all real relationships are defined and maintained.. But that’s not what I’m talking about today. I have learned [and am often […]

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