B for H&M

I am not mad at Mrs. Carter debuting a collection for H&M. I feel like it brings her back down to Earth a bit-makes her more relatable, even tangible. With H&M being known for affording the masses great style at extremely reasonable prices, Beyoncé attaching her multi-million dollar name and face to such a sensible brand is quite […]

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Holiday Sparkle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! What better way to show your holiday spirit than rocking a shimmery frock that resembles the twinkle of the lights across the city? Sequins add that touch or overall spark that, paired with a confident smile, can light up a room. shop: Bodycon Dress shop: Bodycon Dress […]

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Sweat Her Dress

How lucky are women? Well, in general, we put up with a loooooot-our bodies withstand a lot of stress and “changes,” and we get the short end in a number of situations. But, on the bright, fashionable side, we are the only ones that can put on one piece of clothing, add some kicks and […]

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