“I Have My Anger Back” | Jendella Benson — Media Diversified

To My Son by Jendella Benson What is there to be said? I can only feel anger for so long until it ferments into the cold reality of endless despair. In the echo chambers of our social media spheres we are all shouting, all screaming, all crying the same thing. The hopelessness of such a […] […]

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Strange fruit now covering the streets

Juice bleeding black, dropping at my feet

Black bodies dropping with each new day

Quickly becoming the amerikkkan way

Blatant bleaching of the stars & stripes

Profiles to fit all stereotypes

Cries for justice fall on deaf ears

We be the victims of their fears

Here is the fruit to swallow whole

To satisfy desire, to consume souls

To taste sweet malice, to savor spite

Here is a strange & bitter delight

Randi Gloss

inspired by Strange Fruit, 1939

photo: Lawrence Beitler, 1930

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