week 09 || 2016

side tattyou are a woman. so full of life. learn more about yourself. do not wait for anyone. for any man to promise you forever. to carry your blood. to call you beautiful. you are woman. you are magic. you wear enough pain. you bleed enough. you should already know who you are before the arrival of any man in your life. {©karen owusu}

{photo cred: Ashley Brielle, pinterest}

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week 2 \\ 2015

Too many times I have ignored my gifts-oppositely working as a restaurant hostess [I’m not that friendly], in retail [worst.shit.ever.in.life.], customer service [I don’t eve like people], caring for other people’s kids [the only kid I like is my nephew], hanging signs and changing mannequins [department stores and their customers are the devil], at a […]

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