week forty-one: Poor Behavior Needs an Audience

My nephew is consistently teaching me. He’s so intelligent and funny and creative, but he’s also six and still learning how to process his emotions. One of the major things he’s taught me is patience. I have to remind myself of his age and even though I may know more than he does, he can […]

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Parenting Your Non-Children

I celebrated my nephew’s birthday this weekend; he had a few friends join him at the trampoline park and dinner. One spawn of satan kid got out of hand—talking loudly and over others. Getting up randomly. Shaking his empty cup at the server. Yelling “where’s my food?!” more than once. Not a once did I […]

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But, We Got Love [a reblog]

Lemme tell you how it feels With five little ones tuggin’ at you, Wantin’ this, needin’ that. Who gonna provide? Me, that’s who! And, I’m not complainin’ They’mine, they belong to me, I ain’t seein’ fit to havin’ none of you Claim’em. I know what I know about’em And, that’s that. But, it don’t […] via […]

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