Blogging Challenge Day 20: Hobbies I Want to Get Into

I’ve had the same main hobbies for years: drawing, writing and reading; I just wasn’t passionate enough about the fleeting ones, but I also think that if something keeps popping up from the back burner to the front, it’s something to explore. One of those back burner thoughts is photography. As a suuuper amateur, I […]

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#000: an art share

  #000, or BLACK, is a collection of photos curated to express the cultural appreciation of the women owning their true self through their hair. – Roy Handy It’s been too long, y’all. You know I love the arts and I can’t get enough, but it seems like the same thing happened as we transitioned […]

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Sup, blood?

So I’m mad late, but you I know I gotta share the arts with you all! P.A.C. (Popular Art Culture) was a showcase of Tupac-inspired artworks. It coincided with his forty-sixth birthday and the release of All Eyez on Me. Did anyone see it? Thoughts? Are you a Tupac fan? I’m a fan, not hardcore, but […]

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Black Every Friday

I want us all to win because I’m tired of seeing us lose. I’m tired of having to watch our seeds be in fear because of who they are. I document to bring awareness towards all the beauty throughout our struggles that society covers up & wants us to forget about. I document to bring […]

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