#000: an art share

  #000, or BLACK, is a collection of photos curated to express the cultural appreciation of the women owning their true self through their hair. – Roy Handy It’s been too long, y’all. You know I love the arts and I can’t get enough, but it seems like the same thing happened as we transitioned […]

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Sup, blood?

So I’m mad late, but you I know I gotta share the arts with you all! P.A.C. (Popular Art Culture) was a showcase of Tupac-inspired artworks. It coincided with his forty-sixth birthday and the release of All Eyez on Me. Did anyone see it? Thoughts? Are you a Tupac fan? I’m a fan, not hardcore, but […]

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Black Every Friday

I want us all to win because I’m tired of seeing us lose. I’m tired of having to watch our seeds be in fear because of who they are. I document to bring awareness towards all the beauty throughout our struggles that society covers up & wants us to forget about. I document to bring […]

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a day at the museum II

More from my lovely visit to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. Enjoy!  {And forgive me; I didn’t get the details of every exhibit/piece I photographed.}

Kaws Down Time
Kaws Ups and Downs

Finally Getting Wings for the 41st Floor






The Coca-Cola Bottle: An Ameircan Icon at 100

I should have made this post a lil earlier! The Gordon Parks Segregation Story was up for viewing thru 21 June. I enjoyed the stories the photographs told-so pure and relatable, like I was there at this time in history. His photography makes you feel. 20150613_163408


This place probably always has cool stuff. So go get High!

1280 Peachtree Street, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30309

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a day at the museum

Have you guys figured out that I’m kind of a nerd? Well I am and I get super geeked about art. Atlanta has a gang of dope museums and I visited The High last month for the first time and fell in love.




I love the high ceilings and windows.

los trompos
Los Trompos, on view thru 29 Nov



Museums always have the best lighting.



I could like live here. It’s beautiful to look at the artwork is nice too hehe. If you’re ever in Atlanta, you should definitely stop by.

1280 Peachtree Street, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30309

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