week 51 | 2016

you, you You ever wonder how much of your stress is perpetual? Or how many times you’ve placed yourself on pedestals on the backs of your peers’ mishaps, failures, misdirection, misinformation, and demise. if it’s your fear apprehension or condescension that ghostwrite your choices? Or if your conviction or stubbornness defines you? I guess I […]

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week 08 || 2016

I like to describe myself as an optimistic realist. You know, I really try to make the best of things, not waste time on trivialities…but I’m aware shit is hitting the fan somewhere at any given moment. And 2016 has been a m a z i n g thus far, so I should have been […]

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week 52 \\ 2015

Although this year has been pretty shitty for my people, in my itty bitty corner of the world, this year has been b e a u t i f u l. I won the lottery [gained a wealth of knowledge]. I fell in love [with myself, my art and my life]. My art was published […]

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