A New Blog Post

Attending an Atlanta United game with like half of Georgia’s population and a Hawks game with the other half were two of the last “normal” things I did in 2020. (Looking back……….. ew.) We had NO idea what was coming! Less than a week later, lock downs locked out most of my creative outlets and […]

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week forty-two

With just ten weeks left until 2020, I’m taking some time to decide what new practices I want to implement and what I’d like to continue—in blogging and in life. And if you’re into resolutions, now is a good time to start—you know, just to see if they’re tangible goals or if you’re all talk! […]

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week 01 || 2016

Happy new year, lovers! I hope you had a magical and prosperous 2015, but I think we can top it with the outlook for 2016, eh!? I know I am. I had so many visions of what this past year would look like.. aaaaand not all of them played out as I saw them in my […]

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week 1 \\ 2015

A friend asked me how I felt about turning 30. And I responded with one word: Blessed. I’m blessed to have a loving, supportive family and a handful of real ones in my corner, all my fingers to draw with and write and create. More than that, many people never see 30. And sometimes witnessing […]

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