week thirty-six

How to Apologize Truly Recognize and Acknowledge what you did from the perspective of the offended. Take Responsibility for what you did to the offended with no BUTS and let go of your need to be right or any kind of hostile or defensive attitude. Find and connect with your inner kindness and compassion and […]

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week 30 || 2016

I spied this chart on my instagram feed and thought I’d share because I like that it’s all-encompassing,  yet super simple. My favorite points are win win resolutions and asking, not expecting. Healthy relationships blossom from mutual respect. Too often our ego and pride get in the way when all we need is a conversation, […]

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Let’s teach our young men [and young ladies] how to be respectful. Hold them accountable. Let them express their sadness, their disappointments. Let them cry. Give them reasons to smile. Help them channel their anger. Foster their interests, talents and skills. Listen to them. Empower them. Be an example. ❤

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