Bright Black: an art share

A month and some change into 2018 and I’m back at it with another art share. I plan to keep it up, ya’ll! You’re welcome 😉 Artist Statement: My art makes social commentary about black life and black identity. I explore all aspects of black life in America from the nostalgic reverence of small town, […]

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Skin and Sun

I am the product of centuries of women who have learned to tend to their own backs with their own oiled hands and their own split black knuckles and their own yellow palms. I am from a line of women who have evolved mouths that slow kiss honey even after a full body burn. I […]

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That Backstory

I am jealous of people who know where they come from. Of the “My grandma is from Jamaica like slick straight from Jamaica.” Smooth speech like patois is cocoa butter smooth on your back/ side and “My dad’s family has lived in the south his whole life” That Backstory © Imani Diltz,  

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