Just Kickin It: Fall/Winter Edition

Soo all these calendars and websites and newscasters say that today is the first day of autumn? I call bull$#!+ because it’s damn near 100 degrees today. But it does have me thinking about what new kicks I want to rock once these temps drop… I have plenty of open and closed toe flats, signature […]

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Summer Lovin: Canvas Sneakers

It’s that time of year again, ladies: sunlight cookin your skin, you start hoarding water bottles everywhere and you’re in the gym a little longer to try and look your best when you get invited to that pool party. Yep, time to adjust our wardrobes and thermostats to match the rising temperatures. Whether it be shorter dresses, cutoff […]

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Beach Daycation

It’s crazy hot and a mid-week daycation at the beach sounds lovely.. It can’t happen this week but a girl can dream…… Beach Daycation by yeathatswright featuring a teal handbag

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