week 25|2017: Giving Thanks

Happy fifth birtheversary to my blog! Yes, people. It has been five years since gray suede’s inception. {Click here to laugh at my struggle.} I don’t know where the time went either, but it’s been a fun ride. Also the ride has been bumpy. Deserted. Lonely. I swear I could hear crickets. I would go […]

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week 5|2017

can’t I just be a black woman that loves herself in peace? without having to explain why my skin (be it light honey or molasses) is a dream? why my hair (coarse or sleek) is a crown? can’t I just be a black woman that loves being a black woman without having to be  sorry, […]

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Black Every Friday

There’s always someone asking you to underline one piece of yourself whether it’s Black, woman, mother, dyke, teacher, etc. – because that’s the piece that they need to key into. They want to dismiss everything else. -Audre Lorde artwork: Soraya Jean-Louis McElroy + Fabiola Jean-Louis ❤

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week 46 \\ 2015

Maybe the journey isn’t about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t you so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place. Atom | India Ame’ye Maybe. ❤ [photo cred]

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