leggings correct

I’ve had a bit of blogger’s block lately.. but a gray suede fan [who happens to be a man with a knack for writing] inspired me to post in a “wear this, not this” format. And I like that idea so I’m giving it a shot. To begin my “WTNT” series, I am exploring an offense […]

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There Will Be Oxblood!

Oxblood is one of the hot colors trending this fall and it’s certainly dripping all over the place, from fur trims to shoes to scarves and jackets. It’s a sultry deep purplish red that looks like burgundy or maroon to me, but just saying oxblood is so much more provocative! I find it to be […]

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Beyond the {Pool} Party

Swimsuits come in an array of styles, colors and patterns, sometimes accompanied by a little fringe, ties or cutouts. With their perfect fit, they can oftentimes double as a fun, sexy top. Some are made just for show, to actually just be seen at the pool or beach as opposed to being made in a […]

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